Scarlet’s Bakery is a non-profit social enterprise created to give women a second chance at employment.   We are dedicated to making delicious products that our customers love.  We are looking for hard working, go-getter and smiley kind of people!  We bake with purpose and we are looking for great team players to join our team!    


Scarlet's Bakery Saint Matthews | Store Manager 

The St. Matthews Scarlet’s Bakery Manager is responsible for managing the daily operations of Scarlet's Bakery.  She will oversee the inventory and ordering of food and supplies from the Shelby Park production center, increase sales through stellar customer service, and ensure that guests are satisfied with their dining experience.  She will also manage any human resources issues, including the selection, development, and performance management of employees. The St. Matthews Manager reports to the Sr. Director of Operations, Scarlet’s Bakery. 

Customer Service 

  1. Set the tone for excellent customer service with every Scarlet’s Bakery customer. 
  2. Train staff members on how to interact with customers and create a culture of hospitality and service in the bakery.
  3. Respond immediately to complaints, taking any and all appropriate actions to turn dissatisfied guests into return guests.
  4. Understand and know customer base, such as regular customers, new customers, trends, etc.  

Financial Oversight and Order Management 

    1. Ensure the bakery is being fiscally responsible. 
    2. Accurate drawers and counts every day. 
    3. Report any financial discrepancies to the Sr. Operations Director and maintain proper records of the finances. 
    4. Is the primary ordering source for the entire bakery to ensure cost of goods are being stewarded wisely.   

Operational Responsibilities

  1. Ensure proper security procedures are in place to protect employees, guests, and company assets.
  2. Ensure a safe working and guest environment to reduce the risk of injury and accidents.  Complete accident reports promptly in the event that a guest or employee is injured. 
  3. Manage shifts which include: daily decision making, scheduling, planning while upholding standards product quality, and cleanliness.
  4. Investigate and resolve complaints concerning food quality and service. 

Human Resource Management 

    1. Develop employees by providing ongoing feedback, establishing performance expectations, and conducting quarterly performance reviews.
    2. Screen, interview, and hire employees.  Maintain all employee records for the bakery. 
    3. Maintain an accurate and up-to-date plan of bakery staffing needs.  Prepare schedules and ensure that the restaurant is staffed for all shifts.  Manage requests for vacation days or time off, keep records of these requests (granted and ungranted), and keep track of sick days.  
    4. Screen and interview all volunteers, interns; onboard all staff, volunteers, and interns.

Administrative and Miscellaneous Items 

  1. Maintain a health code regulated kitchen.   
  2. Aid in inventory control.
  3. Carrying out equipment maintenance and ensuring items are working properly and maintained. 
  4. Ensures that either self, Assistant Manager, or Shift Lead are available to open and close the bakery daily.


  1.   Previous experience in managing a restaurant or cafe required.
  2.   Knowledge of computers (iPad, basic Excel, report retrieval, etc.)
  3.   Proficient in the following dimensions of restaurant functions:  food planning and preparation, purchasing, sanitation, security, company policies and procedures, personnel management, record-keeping, and preparation of reports. 
  4.   Must be self-disciplined, show initiative, have leadership skills, be passionate about the mission of the bakery and Scarlet Hope, and have an outgoing personality. 
  5.   Exhibit pleasant personality and polite manners.
  6.   Ability to motivate employees to work as a team to ensure that food and service meet appropriate standards.  
  7.   Must possess good communication and management skills for dealing with a diverse staff. 
  8. Ability to supervise 5+ employees. 

Please send resume by email to our Sr. Operations Director | to apply.   


Seasonal Retail Associate

Our Retail Associates are responsible for product management and the customer service experience of Scarlet’s Bakery. They will work with the leadership team and the program team in carrying out the mission and vision of Scarlet’s Bakery and ensuring the bakery is increasing in revenue and quality of goods.  

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Retail
      1. Your number one responsibility is to ensure our customers are taken care of while educating them on our products.
      2. Ensuring that all products are displayed correctly.
      3. Preparing sandwiches and salads to order.
      4. Taking orders, entering them on a Square register system, taking money and making change.
  • Administrative and Miscellaneous Items
      1. Maintaining a health code regulated kitchen.  
      2. Aiding in inventory control
      3. Carrying out equipment maintenance and ensuring items are working properly and maintained.
      4. Keeping the restaurant clean by wiping down counters, sweeping and mopping floors, and cleaning tables.


    Hours vary for our retail associates must have a flexible schedule.  Be prepared to work nights, weekends, and events. This position may be scheduled up to 38 hours on a weekly basis.  

    To apply please submit your resume and information below.

    Please send resume by email to our Sr. Operations Director | to apply.