Scarlet’s Bakery is a non-profit social enterprise created to give women a second chance at employment. We are dedicated to making delicious products that our customers love. We are looking for hard working, go-getter and smiley kind of people!  We bake with purpose and we are looking for great team players to join our team!    

Assistant Restaurant Manager

The Assistant Restaurant Manager is responsible for supporting the oversight of customer service, product inventory, cleanliness of the store, product preparation, and all opening and closing procedures. As a manager of Scarlet’s Bakery Production, the ARM will report directly to the General Manager (GM), who will be responsible for your schedule, quarterly reviews, and annual review. The ARM will work with both the (GM), as well as the Production Manager of Scarlet’s Bakery, in carrying out the mission and vision of Scarlet’s Bakery and ensuring the bakery is meeting standards.


  1. Compassionate heart for the mission of Scarlet’s Bakery.  
  2. Customer service first attitude. 
  3. Openness and flexibility to change.
  4. Patient and gentle with others. 
  5. Honest and of the highest integrity.
  6. Team player and works well with others. 
  7. Go-getter and self-motivated.


  • Keyholder
    1. You are responsible during your scheduled shifts to open and/or close the bakery.  
    2. You are to follow opening and closing procedures. 
    3. You are responsible for ensuring the alarm is set at night and that the store is locked before leaving the premises. 
    4. You are never allowed to pass off a key or give a key to another employee or anyone else.
  • Financial 
    1. You are responsible to ensure your drawer each day is accounted for properly, as well as counting and recording the Gift jar. 
    2. You must disclose any overages or under accounting to the GM immediately and record on the Drawer Opening and Closing Sheet. 
    3. Always count cash on hand for opening and closing. 
    4. Make deposits into safe at the end of the day. 
    5. Communicate to the GM the need for change for the drawer. 
  • Customer Service  
    1. During your shift at either store, you are in charge of customer service excellence.
    2. The customer comes first, so you are to ensure each order and experience of our customers is met with kindness and attentiveness.   
    3. Answer customer questions when an associate asks you for assistance. 
    4. Help customers place orders and take phone calls from customers. 
    5. Train bakery associates on customer service expectations. 
    6. Give feedback to the GM on customer service complaints and bakery associate issues that arise. 
  • Product Quality
    1. Ensure that only high-quality baked goods are on display and sold to customers.
    2. Ensure that only high-quality sandwiches and soups are served.
    3. Oversee employees when they are making products, sandwiches, coffees, etc. to verify proper procedures are being used.
    4. Ensure that all use-by and expiration dates for raw products, held products, and ingredients are kept up to date and that items are being properly stored. 
  • Employee Oversight 
    1. As a member of the management team of Scarlet’s Bakery, you are expected to assist in overseeing each employee for the shifts that you are scheduled for. 
    2. Ensure that the Production Board is filled out with names and tasks. (Shelby Park AM only) 
    3. Ensure the employees listed stay on task and only take the allowed breaks and lunch breaks.  
    4. Ensure employees working over 5 hours take the required 30-minute lunch.
    5. Ensure employees and associates are properly trained and have the resources they need to fulfill their jobs. 
    6. Conflict resolution is to be handled immediately, and you should then inform the Manager of the incident. 
    7. You will ensure production and or responsibilities within the bakery are met to excellence and fulfilled in a timely manner.  
  • Inventory Management and Ordering 
    1. You will assist in overseeing that the bakery is fully stocked and prepared each day with inventory and product. 
    2. Order necessary products and items from Scarlet’s Bakery Shelby Park in a timely manner. 
    3. Ensure that the Product Transfer log is completed after each shipment
    4. Bring the need for changes in inventory structure to your Manager for approval.
    5. You are to assist in ensuring waste is to a minimum.
    6. Ensure proper waste log is being kept.


      This is a part-time hourly position, up to 38 hours per week.  Hours are subject to change weekly based on the highest needs of the bakery.  The restaurant industry is a fluid and ever-changing business, therefore the Assistant Manager must be flexible and willing to manage their time according to the needs of the bakery.  

      You may be scheduled at another store to assist for hours at that location.  The GM and the Production Manager at Shelby Park will coordinate this if the need arises.


      To apply, please submit your resume to our Senior Operations Director at