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Similar to the feeling when you tasted your first oven-baked cookie, Scarlet's Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies are here to help you reminisce and smile. Make your house smell like our bakery with these deliciously crafted chewy, chocolatey chip cookies!

It's so hard to find that perfect balance in a chocolate chip cookie, perfectly moist, not too crispy, sweet and delicious. But after countless hours and years of baking, we've come up with the perfect recipe that you'll absolutely love baking at home. Fresh out of the oven these chocolate chip cookies will make your mouth water and take you to cloud 9. 

KETO Pancake Mix

$19.00 $29.00

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We understand the struggle of trying to find KETO pancakes that actually taste great. And that's why we spent our time crafting this delicious recipe, that hits all the right spots. Soft, Fluffy, Delicious, and still LOW-CARB!

We know that you have high expectations for KETO pancake mix, and you've probably been disappointed in the past with other purchases. But believe it this time, this is the best KETO pancake mix you'll ever taste!

Enjoy these delicious fluffy old fashioned pancakes with a hint of vanilla & cinnamon to start your morning...and your diet off right! Low in carbs and high in tastiness you won’t believe your tastebuds!

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What happens when a desire to see women honor their dignity meets a passion for baked goods?

Customer Testimonials:

Elizabeth Scott

Awesome purpose — a bakery for the purpose of being able to give women another opportunity in life! And absolutely delicious baked goods.

Kim Upton

Wonderful treats with great mission. Love the place so much, I got a t-shirt!

Olivia Fentress

Everything that Scarlet’s Bakery makes is absolutely SO delicious. Not to mention- they have an amazing story and philosophy. They make Some of the best desserts I’ve ever had!